Amalia Ferentinou

Participation in group exhibitions

'Untitled'. 2014, acrylics, 50x100
'Silence'. 2015, wooden cube with drawing inside, 30x30
'Eros'. 2016, acrylics on canvas, pencil and chalk on paper, 80x100
'Escape'. 2016, installation, acrylics on canvas, life jacket and crumpled degrees, 180x110
Native plant of the Mediterranean. To 'north'. 2016 suitcase (55x40x18) plexiglass and lentisk, mirror
'Remain pure'. 2015, cut cloth, marker, 160x200
'Bridges'. 2016, acrylics on canvas, 40x50
'Whole universe'. 2016, acrylics on canvas, 40x50
Our cottage in utopia
The Vow
Body - Curative


Amalia Ferentinou
Parikia, Paros
P.O. 84401

+30 6936144909